SINGAPORE, 19 JANUARY 2021 – New faces join recently promoted (and much-loved) team members to take the reins of Proof & Company’s very own award-winning cocktail bar, 28 HongKong Street.

28 HongKong Street is the ‘little bar that could’ and Proof & Company’s spiritual home; it’s the clubhouse for the local bar industry and an icon of the pan-Asian bar world.  28 HongKong Street built its reputation through its commitment to elevated drinking experiences, quality ingredients, creativity, craft, music, food, and hospitality. But after 10 years of 28 HongKong Street, the bar is now most famous for its people. Some of Asia’s best bars and global brands are now represented by old teammates and the old rosters read like a ‘who’s who’ of the Southeast Asia bar industry.

That’s why the new leadership group — spanning across the drinks, food, and operation of the bar — is so important. They are embarking on a period of transition, a period that will give 28 HongKong Street a new outlook for its next 10 years.

28 HongKong Street

28 HongKong Street’s new General Manager Chris Peart is excited about this team and the next chapter of 28 HongKong Street. Hailing from Australia, Chris comes with loads of small bar experience running some of Brisbane, Melbourne and Shanghai’s most-loved cocktail destinations. But for the last 10 years, he immersed himself in the world of luxury hotel bars across China, notably opening EDITION Shanghai and Rosewood Beijing.

Chris Peart, General Manager of 28 HongKong Street

I am grateful for having this amazing opportunity to join the 28 HongKong Street and Proof & Company team. I have admired Singapore from afar and I look forward to being a part of its community. Furthermore, I am honoured to continue the work that has been done over the past 10 years serving up tasty drinks matched with world class hospitality.

Nalini Balasundaram (Lin) has been running around on the floor at 28 HongKong Street, hosting guests and serving up cocktails for over four years. Singaporean and a long-time part of the collective, she knows the venue, loves the bar, the bar loves her and she’s excited about her newly defined role.

Nalini Balasundaram (Lin), Floor Manager of 28 HongKong Street

28 HongKong Street is an institution of fine drinking and I’m honoured to be a part of something so amazing, to be able to share our creativity with our guests and give them an experience they’ll never forget. There’s a reason why 28 HongKong Street has long been one of the best bars in the world.

A respected and well-known figure of the Australian bar scene, Elliot Pascoe has plied his trade at some of his country’s most well-known bars such as The Baxter Inn, Bulletin Place and Death & Taxes. Known for his high energy approach and dedication to learning and creativity, Pascoe looks forward to working with the bar team on new drinks and getting to know the Asian bar scene.

Elliot Pascoe, Head Bartender of 28 HongKong Street

28 HongKong Street is a doyenne of hospitality and a bulkhead of good drinking. I am looking forward in contributing in some small capacity to a grand legacy. It is a privilege to serve, I look forward to doing heaps mad stuff into the future and giving back to a community that gives us so much, so richly.

Perhaps as famous as the drinks or the music at 28 HongKong Street is the food, and that is in no small part thanks to Head Chef, Melvin Tan. He is integral to the success of the business and making sure the guests are fed, and the food is at the high standard we expect. Continuing his calm stewardship of the kitchen, Tan now takes on greater authority in the venue.

Melvin Tan, Head Chef of 28 HongKong Street

From finding the right combination of ingredients, experimenting with proportions to finally making it look and taste great, everything we put out goes through the thought processes of many in our team,” says Tan. “We’re a tight bunch who truly love the bar life and appreciate the seriousness behind the complexities of our craft. It’s not work anymore, we love living it.

Lukas Kaufman has been a rock of the 28 HongKong Street bar team for more than four years now, earning the respect and admiration of the team and the Singapore bar industry. In the newly minted role of Operations Manager, he will report to the GM and take full responsibility for making sure the venue ‘runs’, while continuing in his role of Senior Bartender in a part time capacity.

Lukas Kaufman, Operations Manager of 28 HongKong Street

I can’t be more proud and honoured to be part of 28 HongKong Street for several years. I’m super excited to work with our new and talented additions to the 28 HongKong Street family. We as a team are looking forward to new horizons and experiences — and bringing them to all our guests, patrons, friends and peers.

While it’s important to introduce and encourage the new wave of leaders at 28 HongKong Street, it’s important to acknowledge the legacy that has been left behind by the previous team and give shout-outs to the existing bar team. Justin Pallack and Ronan Keilthy specifically deserve mention for their long dedicated service. They both left 28 better than when they arrived which is our test of success.

Furthermore, 28 has a fantastic team that ‘do the thing’ on a nightly basis. Long-serving bartenders Naz, Chris, and on the floor Guru, deserve special mention for their commitment and positivity.

28 HongKong Street and its team have some exciting things planned for 2022: a continued celebration of its 10 years of service, a new menu concept, a cocktail community program, and more. The team is full of enthusiasm and is looking forward to adding to 28 HongKong Street’s reputation as a hub of appreciation and excellence in the drinking experience.

“There’s something about this place that leaves you wanting more, to keep you coming back for more,” says Lin. “The pandemic may have put a little damper on the F&B industry but this only proves that nothing will stop us from bringing new and exciting experiences to the table and showing people a good time as always.”

About 28 HongKong Street

Hidden behind an unassuming 1960’s shophouse façade, 28HKS is a word-of-mouth venue for people who might appreciate the kind of venue that we enjoy ourselves: relaxing at the beginning, growing a tad louder as the night goes on. The drinks focus’ is on artisanal spirits and American-style craft cocktails. The food is gussied up American comfort food made from scratch for sharing.

You can visit the venue from 5:00pm to 10:30pm, Monday to Saturday. You can follow the journey on Instagram.