ASIA PACIFIC, 9 MAY – This year marks a significant milestone for Proof Creative, the trailblazing beverage consultancy based in Singapore. As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company reflects on a decade of redefining the hospitality industry with innovative concepts and award-winning project executions.

As it celebrates this decade-long journey, Proof Creative is thrilled to announce the appointment of Bobby Carey as the new Creative Director. Having been a senior consultant with the team since 2019, Bobby has been instrumental in leading multiple award-winning projects, including the Virtu Four Seasons in Tokyo and the MO BAR at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore. His track record of innovative strategy and operational leadership positions him as the ideal successor to continue the legacy of excellence that Proof Creative is known for.

“Bobby’s fresh perspective and innovative approach are exactly what Proof Creative needs as we enter our next decade,” said Paul Broadbent, current CEO of Proof & Company. “His dynamic leadership will undoubtedly propel us forward, ensuring our continued presence at the forefront of the global beverage industry.”

Bobby Carey, Creative Director of Proof Creative

Virtu Four Seasons, Tokyo

Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Creative Director at Proof Creative! What are you most looking forward to in this leadership role, and how do you plan to make a unique impact in the world of beverage consultancy with your distinctive approach or expertise?

The most thrilling aspect of leading Proof Creative as the new Creative Director is the prospect of contributing to and enhancing the company’s illustrious tradition of excellence. This role offers an exciting platform to not only uphold the high standards set by predecessors like Paul Gabie and Jason Williams, but also propel the consultancy into new realms of creativity and innovation.

In terms of my personal contribution, I bring to the table a holistic approach that marries artistic creativity with strategic insight. My goal is to embed a unique story into each project, drawing on a wide range of cultural inspirations and cutting-edge trends to craft compelling and memorable experiences that resonate with our clients and their audiences. Leadership-wise, I aim to cultivate an environment of collaboration, inclusivity, and drive for results. My vision for Proof Creative is to establish an environment where everyone feels engaged, valued, and excited to produce their finest work, propelling us towards shared achievements and success.

How would you describe the collaborative dynamics within the Proof Creative team today, and how does it contribute to the success of your projects?

At the core of Proof Creative’s ethos is a deeply embedded culture of collaboration, which is crucial to our methodology and success. Our team operates as a cohesive, dynamic, and flexible unit with a base in Singapore and extensions in Australia, allowing us to effectively tackle projects across diverse global locales, from New York to New Zealand. This geographic diversity enriches our perspective and enables us to stay ahead of international trends and opportunities.

We’ve been fortunate to count industry icons like David Cordoba, Mimi Schofield, Joe Alessandroni, and Zdenek Kastanek among our team members, along with a host of other remarkable talents whose impacts have been fundamental, though too numerous to detail individually. Through a culture that promotes open communication, energetic brainstorming, and a unanimous pursuit of excellence, Proof Creative thrives.

With Proof Creative celebrating its 10th anniversary, what are the key milestones or achievements for the company in the coming years?

Central to our mission is the ambitious goal of redefining the global hospitality landscape through relentless innovation, comprehensive education programs, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. As Proof Creative charts its course for the future, we aim to expand our global footprint, deepen collaborations with luxury hotel brands, and continuously push the boundaries of beverage consultancy innovation. We are steadfast in our commitment to evolving into a truly global consultancy, with recently established footholds in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, mainland China and Europe.

But our vision extends beyond geographical expansion. We remain resolute in our dedication to nurturing the next generation of industry talent. Through robust education and mentorship initiatives, we seek to cultivate a pipeline of skilled professionals who embody our values of creativity, excellence, and integrity.

Current & Previous Proof Creative Members

Proof Creative was founded by Paul Gabie, who set the stage for a new era in hospitality consultancy with a focus on creativity and strategic innovation. The consultancy’s journey began with its first venture, the Manhattan Bar project, which coincidentally is also celebrating its tenth anniversary. Now located within Conrad Singapore, Manhattan Bar has become a landmark in the world of fine drinking, known for its sophisticated atmosphere and a menu that features meticulously crafted cocktails. This project was just the beginning of what would become a decade-long path of pioneering achievements in the beverage sector.

In 2015, Proof Creative welcomed Jason Williams as its Creative Director, a pivotal appointment that propelled its projects forward until his departure in 2023. Williams, acclaimed for his visionary approach and profound industry acumen, played an instrumental role in steering Proof Creative through numerous successful years. His leadership extended to high-profile ventures, including the iconic Raffles Long Bar in Singapore. Under Williams’ guidance, Proof Creative expanded its portfolio with an array of noteworthy projects across the globe. Among these was the establishment of the Atlas Bar in Singapore, which garnered international acclaim for its grand Art Deco-inspired interiors and extensive gin collection. Furthermore, Williams spearheaded the consultancy’s decade-long partnership with multiple luxury hotel brands worldwide. This collaboration entailed the creation and revitalization of signature bars and bespoke cocktail menus, elevating the beverage offerings at prestigious locations globally and solidifying Proof Creative’s reputation as a trailblazer in global hospitality innovations.

Manhattan Bar, Conrad Singapore

Atlas Bar, Singapore

With a decade of remarkable accomplishments fueling our momentum and a future ripe with opportunity, Proof Creative remains at the forefront of setting the standard for excellence in the beverage consultancy arena.