ASIA PACIFIC, 9 MAY – This year marks a significant milestone for Proof Creative, the trailblazing beverage consultancy based in Singapore. As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company reflects on a decade of redefining the hospitality industry with innovative concepts and award-winning project executions.

As it celebrates this decade-long journey, Proof Creative is thrilled to announce the appointment of Bobby Carey as the new Creative Director. Having been a senior consultant with the team since 2019, Bobby has been instrumental in leading multiple award-winning projects, including the Virtu Four Seasons in Tokyo and the MO BAR at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore. His track record of innovative strategy and operational leadership positions him as the ideal successor to continue the legacy of excellence that Proof Creative is known for.

“Bobby’s fresh perspective and innovative approach are exactly what Proof Creative needs as we enter our next decade,” said Paul Broadbent, current CEO of Proof & Company. “His dynamic leadership will undoubtedly propel us forward, ensuring our continued presence at the forefront of the global beverage industry.”

Bobby Carey, Creative Director of Proof Creative

Virtu Four Seasons, Tokyo

Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Creative Director at Proof Creative! What are you most looking forward to in this leadership role, and how do you plan to make a unique impact in the world of beverage consultancy with your distinctive approach or expertise?

The most thrilling aspect of leading Proof Creative as the new Creative Director is the prospect of contributing to and enhancing the company’s illustrious tradition of excellence. This role offers an exciting platform to not only uphold the high standards set by predecessors like Paul Gabie and Jason Williams, but also propel the consultancy into new realms of creativity and innovation.

In terms of my personal contribution, I bring to the table a holistic approach that marries artistic creativity with strategic insight. My goal is to embed a unique story into each project, drawing on a wide range of cultural inspirations and cutting-edge trends to craft compelling and memorable experiences that resonate with our clients and their audiences. Leadership-wise, I aim to cultivate an environment of collaboration, inclusivity, and drive for results. My vision for Proof Creative is to establish an environment where everyone feels engaged, valued, and excited to produce their finest work, propelling us towards shared achievements and success.

How would you describe the collaborative dynamics within the Proof Creative team today, and how does it contribute to the success of your projects?

At the core of Proof Creative’s ethos is a deeply embedded culture of collaboration, which is crucial to our methodology and success. Our team operates as a cohesive, dynamic, and flexible unit with a base in Singapore and extensions in Australia, allowing us to effectively tackle projects across diverse global locales, from New York to New Zealand. This geographic diversity enriches our perspective and enables us to stay ahead of international trends and opportunities.

We’ve been fortunate to count industry icons like David Cordoba, Mimi Schofield, Joe Alessandroni, and Zdenek Kastanek among our team members, along with a host of other remarkable talents whose impacts have been fundamental, though too numerous to detail individually. Through a culture that promotes open communication, energetic brainstorming, and a unanimous pursuit of excellence, Proof Creative thrives.

With Proof Creative celebrating its 10th anniversary, what are the key milestones or achievements for the company in the coming years?

Central to our mission is the ambitious goal of redefining the global hospitality landscape through relentless innovation, comprehensive education programs, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. As Proof Creative charts its course for the future, we aim to expand our global footprint, deepen collaborations with luxury hotel brands, and continuously push the boundaries of beverage consultancy innovation. We are steadfast in our commitment to evolving into a truly global consultancy, with recently established footholds in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, mainland China and Europe.

But our vision extends beyond geographical expansion. We remain resolute in our dedication to nurturing the next generation of industry talent. Through robust education and mentorship initiatives, we seek to cultivate a pipeline of skilled professionals who embody our values of creativity, excellence, and integrity.

Current & Previous Proof Creative Members

Proof Creative was founded by Paul Gabie, who set the stage for a new era in hospitality consultancy with a focus on creativity and strategic innovation. The consultancy’s journey began with its first venture, the Manhattan Bar project, which coincidentally is also celebrating its tenth anniversary. Now located within Conrad Singapore, Manhattan Bar has become a landmark in the world of fine drinking, known for its sophisticated atmosphere and a menu that features meticulously crafted cocktails. This project was just the beginning of what would become a decade-long path of pioneering achievements in the beverage sector.

In 2015, Proof Creative welcomed Jason Williams as its Creative Director, a pivotal appointment that propelled its projects forward until his departure in 2023. Williams, acclaimed for his visionary approach and profound industry acumen, played an instrumental role in steering Proof Creative through numerous successful years. His leadership extended to high-profile ventures, including the iconic Raffles Long Bar in Singapore. Under Williams’ guidance, Proof Creative expanded its portfolio with an array of noteworthy projects across the globe. Among these was the establishment of the Atlas Bar in Singapore, which garnered international acclaim for its grand Art Deco-inspired interiors and extensive gin collection. Furthermore, Williams spearheaded the consultancy’s decade-long partnership with multiple luxury hotel brands worldwide. This collaboration entailed the creation and revitalization of signature bars and bespoke cocktail menus, elevating the beverage offerings at prestigious locations globally and solidifying Proof Creative’s reputation as a trailblazer in global hospitality innovations.

Manhattan Bar, Conrad Singapore

Atlas Bar, Singapore

With a decade of remarkable accomplishments fueling our momentum and a future ripe with opportunity, Proof Creative remains at the forefront of setting the standard for excellence in the beverage consultancy arena.


AUSTRALIA, 28 MARCH – As advocates of extraordinary spirits, Proof & Company proudly expands its Australian portfolio through a strategic partnership with Husk Distillers, Australia’s very first cane juice rum distillery. Nestled in the lush Northern Rivers of New South Wales near the town of Tumbulgum, Husk epitomises the “farm to bottle” ethos, making Husk an ideal fit for Proof & Company’s mission to elevate local spirits.

Husk Rum Range

As of 1st May, Proof & Company proudly assumes exclusive distributorship for Husk’s esteemed range of spirits, including their diverse and unique Australian rums and the iconic Ink Gin. Leveraging Proof & Company’s expansive network and brand-building capabilities, this partnership will capitalise on Husk’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in craft spirit distillation.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Husk Distillers and cannot wait to bring their exciting portfolio to our markets across APAC. As someone who grew up in the Tweed Valley, mere steps away from the distillery, this place holds profound significance for me with fond memories of the region’s vibrant sugar cane production, it’s such a special place,” says Damian Kaehler, General Manager of Proof & Company Australasia.

“Paul and Mandy have built two amazing brands in Ink Gin and Husk Rum, both representing the very best of the local area and we can’t wait to cultivate their story in our markets. Their ethos tightly aligns with ours, with independent craft distilling and sustainability, from farm to bottle, the introduction of their portfolio into the ecoSPIRITS programme will further support this mission.”

Paul Messenger, Founder & CEO of Husk Distillers

“Starting life in a small shed at Husk Farm in 2012 it took more than 3 years before we were ready to offer our first bottles of Ink Gin for sale in June 2015. Later that year we released our first barrel of Husk rum. Since then, we’ve sold over a million bottles and now, after almost 9 years distributing our brands, we are thrilled to be partnering with Proof & Company to share our story and our liquid, enriching consumer experiences and elevating social occasions across the country. We are very impressed with the Proof & Company team and business model, and we share a passion and belief that together we can make great things happen.”

At the core of Husk Distillers’ narrative lies the pursuit for authenticity and distinction, driven by founder Paul Messenger’s transformative Caribbean expedition in 2009. Amidst the lush landscapes, the bars and distilleries of Martinique, Messenger encountered rhum agricole – a revelation that would inspire a new style of Australian rum. The raw, terroir-driven ethos of fresh cane juice rum has driven Husk on a pioneering journey in Australian rum production that continues to this day. Embracing the essence of their Northern Rivers volcanic terroir, Husk introduced a groundbreaking approach, crafting rum from freshly pressed cane juice grown on their own farm. This commitment to place, quality and authenticity is ultimately reflected in the Australian Cultivated Rum (ACR) mark, a geographic rules-based accreditation pioneered by Husk to protect and promote pure, single-estate Australian cane juice rums in a manner similar to the European system of Geographic Indicators.

In a parallel pursuit of innovation and a spirit of rebellion, Messenger’s exploration of exotic botanicals led to a serendipitous encounter with a curious flower. What followed was three years of experiments in a farm shed that culminated in the launch of the world’s first butterfly pea infused gin winning the 2016 Australian Drinks Industry Award for Best Innovation in Spirits and inspiring a colour revolution in the gin category.

Husk Distillery, Northern New South Wales

Ink Gin Range

Husk Farm

Now, as Husk Distillers joins forces with Proof & Company, a new chapter unfolds in both brands’ narrative. Together, they aspire to elevate the Australian spirits landscape, sharing Husk’s exceptional portfolio of farm-to-bottle spirits with enthusiasts across the Asia Pacific region. With Husk, Proof & Company is poised to enrich consumer experiences and cultivate a deeper appreciation for Australia’s extraordinary spirits.


Husk Distillers is renowned as Australia’s first and foremost farm-to-bottle rum distillery and has become the country’s largest rum exporter. For over 12 years, Husk has led the charge in pioneering a distinctive style of Australian rum. Situated amidst the stunning 150-acre Messenger-Perkins family farm in the historic Tweed Valley of Northern New South Wales, Husk Farm serves as the perfect backdrop for the creation of this new style of Australian rum.

Utilising freshly harvested sugar cane grown and milled on-site, Husk Rum embodies sustainability and strives to encapsulate the unique terroir of the region within each bottle. Every year, the elements of geology, soil, water and climate culminate in a seasonal harvest of single estate sugar cane to yield a diverse selection of Australian sipping and mixing rums that are guaranteed to challenge your perception of rum.

In addition to their acclaimed rum offerings, Husk Distillers also produce the multi-award-winning Ink Gin. Ink Gin seeks to capture the essence of nature in every bottle, reflecting Husk’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

For more information, please visit Husk Distillers.

Read about Husk Rum Story.


Thoughts From The Proof & Company Leadership Team

By Vienna Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer

ASIA PACIFIC, 30 JANUARY – The door has swung wide open to the new year, and a palpable (and re-charged) energy infuses our collective spirit with vision and purpose. With a fresh lens, we stand on the precipice of boundless possibilities, fuelled by a determination to push boundaries and exceed expectations… the bar is high!

Vienna Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer of Asia Pacific

And as the brand guardian of Proof & Company, my personal drive is to guide our business towards a future where authenticity, creativity, innovation, and connection converge to elevate the Proof & Company brand AND take our extraordinary partner brands to new heights. 2024 holds the promise of not just growth, but the opportunity to leave a f(l)avourable mark on the hearts and palates of our customers, and we are excited to do just that!

In the spirit of collective vision, I sat down with other business leaders to find out their thoughts on the year ahead, asking just 4 simple questions; 3 words to describe how you’re entering 2024, what excites you about the year ahead, any market insights, and your strategic priorities or must wins for the year?

Damian Kaehler, General Manager of Australasia

Wiser, Galvanised, Up-Beat

Heading into 2024, I reflect on the past tumultuous four to five years with a positive outlook as the dust begins to settle. Our strategic focus shifts towards our people & talent development, seizing engaging opportunities, and flourishing in new business & brand pursuits. Despite contracting markets, we aim to elevate our position by nurturing local brands, collaborating with regional producers, and curating a portfolio featuring highly credible independent world-class brands. In 2024, Proof will continue to excel in on-trade engagements, foster the bartender community, and execute purposeful industry events.

Acknowledging the significant increase in business costs, compounded by Australian excise and consumer wallet contractions, we anticipate a moderate growth rate. However, with the Australian economy’s tax reform plan starting on July 1, supporting consumer spending and alleviating inflation, the latter half of the year holds promise. This shift is expected to see increased customer engagement, emphasis on premium spend, and a preference for quality products from brands in the right hands. To fortify our position, we emphasize a robust strategy addressing rising logistics and supply costs, focusing on premium retail and on-trade channels and building out exciting marketing programs, ensuring our brands are not only available but prominently visible.

Brandon Grusd, General Manager of Southeast Asia

Inspired, Energised, Focussed

I’m particularly motivated about a 2024 people development and training plan and also leading enhanced knowledge across the wider business through education programming. As the GM of our home market, I am proud of our on-trade connections and excited to take it even further by nurturing purposeful partnerships to elevate existing and new bar offerings and expanding our presence with key event partners like the Singapore Cocktail Festival and Formula One.

The city state’s reputation as a destination for exceptional drinking and dining experiences continues to flourish, shaping a dynamic and vibrant spirits scene. Amidst buoyant tourism, bars are now trying to differentiate themselves by embracing innovative and more specialised concepts, not limited to high-end establishments. Interestingly, at a local level, we are seeing an increasing number of consumers opting to enjoy premium spirits (and cocktails) at home, driving retail and e-commerce growth. And a new generational approach to drinking is evolving, fostering experimentation and smarter choices. Agave and dark spirits witness a notable rise in popularity.

In alignment with what I’m excited about, my strategic priorities encompass thorough education for our team through tools like WSET and the building of a dedicated Proof & Company learning hub in partnership with Allara Global. We’re committed to assisting bars in growing, evolving, and specializing, offering best-in-class brands and services. Continual review and portfolio enhancements ensure we stay at the forefront of the market, embedding exceptional bartender brands and purpose-built drinks. Our goal is to own the late-night scene, injecting new energy into our business for sustained growth and innovation.

Julia Xiang, General Manager of Greater China

Grounded, Progression, Committed

The Year of the Dragon presents a wealth of opportunity and I’m excited to charge a growing team with courageously shaking things up this year. We will be embedding new talent with extensive industry experience and networks poised to elevate our position within the market, and executing flagship campaigns with major partners to show our commitment to innovation and market expansion. Notably, The Rambler Gin, a new entrant, is set to embark on an ambitious promotional journey in 2024, featuring regional competitions, nationwide in-store activations, and an exclusive trade incentive.

While we anticipate an economic upturn in the latter half of 2024, I recognize the challenges ahead, particularly in navigating consumer spending cutbacks within the Food and Beverage (F&B) sector. Geopolitical disruptions and inflationary pressures are tempering short-term growth expectations in the premium/craft spirits segment. However, the resilient Chinese middle class remains a driving force, propelling demand for premium spirits and favouring well-established affordable luxury brands.

In steering our course, my priorities for the year include adeptly identifying trends, embracing customer-centric strategies, and effective risk mitigation. With an unwavering focus on innovation and a proactive approach to change management, we aim to not only distinguish lasting trends from mere hype but also seize emerging opportunities in the ever-evolving spirits market.

Adrian Chung, General Manager of Hong Kong

Confident, Bright-Eyed, Ready

There are many exciting prospects for 2024 with key areas of focus including ambitious growth for our local brand partner, engaging and community-led brand activity, and reinforcing our position as the premier partner in the market through exceptional service, trust, and product quality. We’ll be expanding our portfolio with new brands to better serve our clients and continue our commitment to growth and excellence in sustainability with the ecoSPIRITS technology.

Hong Kong at a local level is fast-paced and ever-changing however international travel has been and continues slowly to resume which naturally affects the busyness of our bar scene. Despite being more stable there is economic and political uncertainty ahead. Low-ABV/RTD trends are losing momentum, while Agave grows in the wave of interest globally. Drinking habits are shifting to earlier hours, weekends, and health-conscious choices, reflecting the evolving landscape in our dynamic city.

Proof & Company Hong Kong’s key strategy will be to defend our foothold after two years of gaining great market share, this is particularly important with the rebound of investment from the likes of Pernod Ricard & Diageo looking to regain their position. Our mission is to consistently upgrade and fortify our portfolio, offering the best value to cocktail bars with the most credible brands. As trailblazers, our duty is to lead change, and stay present and supportive, reaffirming our position as the best in the industry.

Bobby Carey, Acting Head for Proof Creative

Dynamic, Distinguished, Dedicated

This year is poised to be a landmark in The Proof Creative journey, particularly with the initiation of several bespoke projects in Australia such as QT Parramatta. The aspect that excites me most is the potential to integrate Australian hospitality’s unique charm and ethos into our global narrative. Australia’s vibrant culinary scene, renowned for its diverse influences and commitment to quality, aligns perfectly with our philosophy. Venturing deeper into this region, alongside new markets such as the Middle East & Europe allows us to explore new territories in taste and service, setting a stage for a cultural exchange that enriches both our brand and the Global hospitality landscape.

Our strategy for the year is centred around three key pillars: diversification, localisation, and people development. Diversification involves expanding our service offerings, not just geographically but also in the range of experiences we provide. Localisation focuses on tailoring our services to meet the unique cultural and market needs of each new region we enter. Lastly, investing in our people – their training, development, and well-being – is crucial. Our team’s growth is directly proportional to our success, making this a top priority.

For me, the defining ‘must-win’ this year is elevating Proof Creative’s global presence. Achieving recognition as a leader in the hospitality consultancy space on an international scale is paramount. This entails not just expanding our footprint but also consistently delivering exceptional, innovative services that resonate across different markets and cultures, thereby solidifying our reputation as a top-tier global player.

We hope this was an insightful read.

Stay tuned for exciting news, movements, and updates from Proof & Company, advocates of extraordinary spirits.


SINGAPORE, 12 DECEMBER – In the ever-evolving tapestry of Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene, 28 HongKong Street stands as a hallowed institution, a crucible that shapes the industry’s trailblazers. The latest torchbearer to step into the limelight is none other than the dynamic Lukas Kaufmann, assuming the mantle of General Manager. A move that promises not only to uphold the cherished tradition of ‘late nights and nice ice’ but to chart a thrilling course for this iconic watering hole.

Paul Broadbent, CEO of Proof & Company, echoes the sentiments of anticipation, “We have long celebrated that 28 HongKong Street is a breeding ground for talent – you don’t have to look hard to see 28 HongKong Street alumni doing great things in the industry both near and afar. Today we are proud to continue this legacy and announce that the stewardship of 28 HongKong Street will be under the leadership of Lukas Kaufmann – we’re excited to see how he continues to evolve this beloved late-night haunt.”

We sat down with the man himself and delved into Kaufmann’s world to unravel the excitement and strategies that accompany his role as the new maestro of 28 HongKong Street.

Congratulations on your role! What excites you about taking on the GM role?

Undoubtedly, leading the iconic 28 HongKong Street as the General Manager is an opportunity that fills me with excitement. It’s a chance to not only take on a new role but to shape the future of this institution, cementing its legacy as a leader in the industry. I’m thrilled at the prospect of leading a team that embodies the values of the establishment, which has become synonymous with the unparalleled experience that we offer.

With several years under your belt at 28 HongKong Street, what standout memory defines your journey?

Having spent several years at 28 HongKong Street, I can confidently say that my journey has been nothing short of spectacular. As a senior bartender and later, a bar captain, I have had the privilege of crafting cocktails and orchestrating operations, all of which have been integral in weaving a tapestry of memories. My experience at this illustrious institution has been multifaceted, encompassing both the artistry of mixology and the intricacies of management.

However, what truly makes my journey unforgettable are the amazing people I’ve met along the way. Collaborating with exceptionally talented individuals who have gone on to achieve remarkable success has been an incredible source of inspiration, and I am grateful to count them as friends.

How do you envision propelling the iconic 28 HongKong Street’s concept of “late nights and nice ice”, teasing us with some strategies or initiatives you have in store?

As someone who has worked across various roles at 28 HongKong Street, I’ve learned that innovation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of our patrons are crucial for success. Now, with the dynamic and talented team at 28, I am enthusiastic about sharing these insights.

My commitment remains unwavering—to meticulously preserve and advance this legacy, positioning 28 HongKong Street as one of Singapore’s well-loved cocktail bars on the global stage. As an institution that has made an indelible mark on the cocktail landscape for over a decade, we must continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing preferences of our patrons. Our global recognition and numerous accolades attest to our prominence in the industry, and we are committed to elevating standards, delivering unforgettable experiences, and crafting impeccable drinks. We will also focus on nurturing our distinctive culture and fostering emerging talents for ongoing success.

In the spirit of getting to know you better, if you had to encapsulate yourself in just three words, what would they be?

While it’s undoubtedly a challenge to encapsulate who I am in just three words, I’d like to think that those who know me would describe me as energetic, loyal, and compassionate. I guess I’m just someone who values genuine connections, thrives on creativity, and embraces the joy of creating memorable experiences.

Whether it’s shaking up a new cocktail concoction, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere at 28 HongKong Street, or simply engaging in heartfelt conversations with patrons and team members alike, I aim to bring a touch of authenticity and positivity to every aspect of what we do. After all, the magic of a great cocktail is not just in the mix but in the shared moments and stories it inspires.

As we approach the end of 2023, can you give us a glimpse into the exciting events and plans you have in store to wrap up the year at our beloved late-night haunt?

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re gearing up for a grand finale. Expect a series of standout events, including Thanksgiving, Naughty Orphan Christmas, and the 28 New Year’s Eve Party, among others. It’s our way of closing the year with a bang and setting the stage for an even more spectacular 2024.

Stay updated with our social media and newsletter for all the cool happenings. Looking forward to welcoming everyone to 28HKS for some late nights, nice ice, and perhaps a few surprises along the way! Cheers!


MALAYSIA, 12 OCTOBER – Vér, the spirited and pulsating cocktail bar nestled within Restaurant Nadodi in the Four Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, aims to revolutionize the Kuala Lumpur bar scene with its unique concept that celebrates South Indian and Sri Lankan history, culture, and flavours. Spearheading this creative endeavour is the talented Proof Creative team, who has skilfully brought the concept to life, capturing the essence of the region’s heritage in an innovative and playful manner.

At Vér, every element is meticulously crafted to provide an ultra-fine, progressive, and playful drinking experience that resonates with its South Indian and Sri Lankan roots. The menu itself is a work of art, inspired by the ancient game of Seven Stones. Proof Creative and Mash have ingeniously translated this traditional game into a captivating cocktail menu concept.

Nadodi, Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Vér, a term meaning “roots” in Tamil, perfectly embodies the essence of the venue. It reveres the nomadic connection of Nadodi, which celebrates the rich culinary heritage and migration stories of South India and Sri Lanka. Through the Seven Stones cocktail menu, Vér delves deep into its origins, bringing to light the traditions, flavors, and narratives that make this region profoundly special.

The menu at Vér is a delightful journey reminiscent of a board game, encouraging guests to explore a world of discovery and nostalgia. Encased in a box that mirrors the charm of classic board games, the menu unfolds like a deck of cards, each one representing an original cocktail crafted exclusively for Vér. Each card introduces a captivating cocktail inspired by a plethora of elements from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, including childhood memories, games, sweets, music, fashion, celebrities, products, and historical moments.

Ver's Seven Stones Cocktail Menu

Named the Seven Stones cocktail menu, it stands as a tribute to the rich history, culture, and flavors of South India and Sri Lanka. Embracing the spirit of the game, guests can choose their role: Stone, Hitter, or Seeker. Stones embody cocktails inspired by historical games rooted in the region’s heritage. Throwers indulge in drinks infused with childhood treats, spices, and bites, evoking playful joy. Seekers savor funky concoctions blending cherished memories with a modern twist. The menu also boasts Nomadic Classics, reimagining traditional cocktails as if they originated from the land. Each section is meticulously crafted, reflecting different facets of the game and South Indian and Sri Lankan culture. It’s a journey, inviting guests to explore the region’s flavors and cultural richness.

At Vér, Proof Creative’s expertise and passion shine through in every menu detail. Their fusion of South Indian and Sri Lankan history and culture creates an immersive drinking experience, capturing the hearts and palates of every guest. The bar’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship is evident across the menu. They use only the finest, freshest ingredients and incorporate house-made components, ensuring a truly exceptional and distinctive drinking experience.

The cocktails are not just elegantly presented; they feature small colorful flourishes that make them both visually appealing and approachable, inviting patrons to reorder. The Seven Stones cocktail menu serves as a tribute to the past while embracing the present and future of hospitality. It not only delights the senses but also sparks conversations and fosters connections among guests.

Ver's Seven Stones Cocktail Menu

Proof Creative and the entire bar team at Vér have gone beyond merely concocting exceptional cocktails. They have meticulously designed an experience that embraces the universal human emotions of joy, nostalgia, and discovery. Using imaginative storytelling and inventive mixology, Vér crafts a compelling narrative that vividly embodies the essence of these distinctive landscapes. As guests dive into the menu, they find themselves transported to a realm where cherished childhood memories seamlessly merge with inventive drinks, evoking laughter, sparking conversations, and nurturing a deep sense of connection.


Cinnamon Group, renowned for their exceptional culinary ventures, continues to redefine Kuala Lumpur’s food scene with the launch of another distinctive and high-quality establishment. Their commitment to promoting the tastes and culture of lesser-known regions is commendable. At Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL, Bar Manager Apurav and Mixologist Pavel showcase their inventive brilliance. Months of dedication and creativity have resulted in a menu featuring unique cocktails that seamlessly embody the spirit of this innovative venue.

For more information, please visit Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur.


ASIA PACIFIC, 5 OCTOBER – Proof & Company is proud to announce the latest addition to its portfolio of premium craft spirit brands: Ron Matusalem, ‘pioneers in the art of timeless good taste’. This exciting partnership, which begins with exclusive distribution in the Singapore market, reflects Proof & Company’s commitment to offering the bar industry, retail, and other channel partners the finest spirits from around the world.

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserve 15 Years Old

Founded in 1872 in Santiago de Cuba, Ron Matusalem Rum boasts a remarkable 150-year history of rum-making excellence. As a family-owned business now in its fifth generation, the brand has preserved its legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and quality for over a century.

One of the secrets behind Ron Matusalem’s exceptional flavour is its unique Solera aging process, derived from a Spanish tradition of the making of Sherry wines and brandy. This process imparts a softness and depth of flavour that sets the brand apart, making it a preferred choice amongst those who appreciate the finer qualities of rum in more than 70 countries.

In recognition of its exceptional quality, Ron Matusalem received prestigious accolades at the Drinks International Awards 2023, ranking #4 in the Top Trending Rum category and #8 in the Bestselling Rum category.

Furthermore, Ron Matusalem Rum is delighted to support the new golden age in cocktails by partnering with The World’s 50 Best Bars as an Official Sponsor. This collaboration supports Ron Matusalem Rum’s commitment to elevating cocktail culture and celebrating the artistry of mixology.

“We are thrilled to introduce Ron Matusalem Rum to our portfolio,” said Paul Broadbent, CEO of Proof & Company. “Ron Matusalem Rum’s storied heritage, family legacy, and dedication to innovation perfectly complements our daily pursuit to provide our customers with extraordinary spirits.”

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserve 15 Years Old

Yoze Torres, Global CEO of Ron Matusalem, confirms: “Celebrating 150 years of history as an independent family brand with presence in over 70 countries means being at the forefront, leading the way in such an exciting segment as rum, and with the clear objective of offering products of the highest quality. To achieve this position of leadership, it is crucial to have strategic partners. In this context, we are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Proof and Company in Singapore, which aims to enhance our closeness to our consumers and influencers.”


CHINA, 19 SEPTEMBER – Proof & Company proudly announces the appointment of Julia Xiang as the new General Manager of Greater China. Julia brings a wealth of experience, a proven ability to deliver outstanding business results, and a strategic vision that aligns seamlessly with our Proof & Company business objectives. Her dynamic leadership and deep industry knowledge are set to propel this market to new heights.

In her role, Julia will report to Paul Broadbent, Chief Executive Officer, managing a growing local team and responsible for executing an aggressive multi-year business plan to expand Proof & Company’s regional presence.

Paul Broadbent

“Since joining the business as the General Manager of our second largest market China, Julia Xiang has had an immediate impact on driving our continued growth ambitions in this important region. Her vast experience in liquor and distribution in Asia, coupled with her exceptional leadership qualities means our business there is in a great position to drive the craft spirits category growth in China in the coming years.”

In previous roles, most recently serving on the senior leadership team at Coravin Inc. and Campari Group, Julia was responsible for driving growth in volume and value across the key categories of her territory. During this tenure, Julia adeptly navigated significant challenges posed by the pandemic and successfully steered her teams towards accelerated online sales strategies. Her commitment to exceeding annual budgets and key metrics while nurturing new channel sales leads will undoubtedly catalyse sustainable growth for the region.

Julia Xiang

“I am excited to be joining such a passionate, innovative family that enables our clients and spirits lovers to extend the ways they serve, enjoy and explore craft spirits.  In the past few weeks, I have been developing a team where every individual could reach their full potential through innovative and inclusive leadership, meanwhile exploring new brands and portfolio to our customers with more robust category strategies in line with local market trends.

I look forward to guiding Proof & Company China through this next phase of aggressive growth in APAC. By strengthening our partnerships with National Key Accounts, including international hotel groups, on-trade chains, catering groups, and more, we aim to drive positive change and foster growth. Our commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach will be at the forefront of our strategy.”


SINGAPORE, 11 SEPTEMBER – 28 HongKong Street has been on an incredible journey, climbing from #49 to an impressive #24 in the latest Asia’s 50 Best Bars Awards. Adding a dash of excitement to this beloved local hotspot, Proof & Company is thrilled to introduce its newest head bartender, Tamaryn Cooper. As the newest member of the family, Tamaryn brings her unique flair and infectious enthusiasm to this renowned establishment.

Amidst the clinking glasses and the buzz of patrons, we sat down with Tamaryn to talk about her journey, next steps, and the recent recognition that has sent waves of excitement through the bar.

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Could you tell us more about yourself and your journey in the world of mixology?

I’m a unique blend myself – half Thai and half British, and I spent my formative years in Indonesia. My journey in the industry began eight years ago, and it’s taken me from the United Kingdom to Thailand and now Singapore.

Over the last four years, I’ve been sharpening my bartending skills and creativity. I’ve been fortunate to work in diverse settings, soaking up different cultures and environments, including over 20 guest shifts that added spice to my experiences. My most recent gig was as Head Bartender & Manager at Asia Today in bustling Bangkok, Thailand.

Now, I’m pumped to be part of 28 HongKong Street, adding my passion and expertise to this respected spot. Oh, and my friends always tease me for my go-to catchphrase, ‘let’s get this bread.'”

Can you share with us what it’s been like for you since starting at 28 HongKong Street?

Life at 28 HongKong Street has been nothing short of rewarding. The dynamic bar environment, mingling with a diverse crowd of industry pros and guests, and soaking in Singapore’s rich cultural tapestry have been a wellspring of inspiration for crafting drinks.

A typical day often starts early, managing orders and coordinating with suppliers to ensure we have all we need. As evening approaches, it’s full steam ahead, preparing for the exciting moments of service. After the hustle and bustle, our team gathers for some post-service camaraderie during clean-up. Whether we’re still at work or enjoying some drinks together outside, these moments are invaluable.

I was fortunate enough to join the team during the Asia’s 50 Best Bars Award ceremony, which was a particularly exciting time. Our remarkable climb in the rankings from the previous year is truly significant. Receiving praise and recognition from friends and industry pros is humbling and incredibly motivating. This isn’t merely a moment of pride; it’s a motivator that inspires all of us to set our sights higher.

It’s clear that the team plays a pivotal role in growth. Can you tell us more about how the team contributes to the overall atmosphere at the bar?

Absolutely, the team is at the heart of it all, setting the tone for our service. Guests don’t just come for drinks; they come for hospitality and an experience. It starts with us, the folks behind the bar.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that every guest leaves not just with a great drink but also with wonderful memories of their time at 28 Hong Kong Street. Our shared commitment to excellence and passion for hospitality defines our venue and keeps guests coming back for more. We’re the ones who create that welcoming, comfortable, and fun atmosphere.

What excites you the most about your role as the new Head Bartender?

Through my journey, I’ve met incredible people from all corners of the world. Their guidance and support have shaped my path. As the Head Bartender, I’m committed to creating a work environment where everyone feels supported and inspired to do their best. I want to be a mentor and a positive influence on our tight-knit team.

Beyond just a job, I see 28 HongKong Street as a place for learning and skill development, a platform to build a fulfilling career. Personally, I’m eager to see the growth of our young and energetic team. We’ve got exciting events and guest shifts lined up in the coming months. And the new menu? Well, that’s a collective effort we’re all enthusiastic about. Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!


AUSTRALIA, 23 AUGUST – With Proof & Company’s ongoing commitment to broadening the spectrum of extraordinary spirit brands within the Australian market, we are excited to unveil our partnership with Waubs Harbour Distillery in Tasmania. It brings us immense joy to undertake the distribution of their exquisite collection of single malt whiskies throughout Australia.

Waubs Harbour Distillery, Tasmania

Founded by brothers Tim and Rob Polmear and Tim’s wife Bec, Waubs Harbour Distillery is the result of Rob using his extensive distilling experience to create a whisky using ‘the best equipment in the perfect location’. The team now creates maritime Tasmanian single malt whisky, that is made, matured and bottled just metres from the ocean on the far east coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Waubs Harbour Distillery joins the Proof & Company portfolio of premium brands that include Ferrand Cognac, Plantation Rum, Never Never Distilling Co Gin, The Everleigh Bottling Co., Mancino Vermouth, Arquitecto Tequila and more. The new partnership is described as ‘the perfect pairing of two independent, passionate and strategically run businesses’.

Damian Kaehler, General Manager, Proof & Company, Australia, said: “I am proud to welcome Waubs Harbour to the Proof & Company family. Their dedication to producing an exceptional maritime single malt whisky, rooted deeply in the rich provenance of Tasmania, perfectly aligns with our commitment to craft and quality.

It’s a testament to their courage and meticulous approach that they’ve harnessed the rugged beauty of Tasmania, distilling not just whisky, but the very essence of its origin. Here’s to celebrating what makes Tasmanian whisky rare, premium, and unparalleled.”

Brothers Tim and Rob Polmear, and Tim’s wife, Bec

Port Storm from their Flagship Series of Single Malt Whiskies

The Waubs Harbour Distillery team is also excited about the new partnership, “Waubs Harbour is thrilled to be partnering with a well-respected company that has similar high standards to our own. We look forward to building Waubs Harbour together domestically in Australia and beyond.”

The Waubs Harbour Distillery range of single malts comprises Original Single Malt Whisky, Port Storm Single Malt Whisky, and Founder’s Reserve Single Malt Whisky, with all now available to any bar, hospitality venue, or bottle shop through your local Proof & Company representative.


Sparked by a vision conceived during a fireside conversation, Tim Polmear’s question, “If you could make whisky your way, using the best equipment in the perfect location, how would you do it?” started the creation of Waubs Harbour Whisky in 2017.

Guided by this reverence, Waubs Harbour Distillery discovered the perfect location – an aged oyster hatchery on Tasmania’s eastern coastline, nestled at the ocean’s edge. This choice resonated harmoniously with the distillery’s vision of provenance. This vision is now actualized in the form of a truly maritime Tasmanian single malt whisky, designed to thrive in the wild embrace of coastal surroundings. Every drop crafted at Waubs Harbour Distillery carries an intention – an intention to create an authentically distinctive character that mirrors the coastal embrace of its surroundings.

For more information, please visit Waubs Harbour Distillery


CHINA, 17 JULY – Proof & Company, one of Asia Pacific’s leading independent spirits companies, announces a partnership with Marriott International, as their “Strategic Spirits Partner”. The partnership will place Proof & Company as a major player in the premium spirits offering at select hotels across the mainland and SARs. With a strong emphasis on ecoSPIRITS – the low carbon, low waste distribution technology for premium spirits pioneered by Proof & Company – the partnership will also raise sustainability efforts in the Marriott International hotels across the region.

Michael Malik, Chief Operations Officer, Greater China

“We are very pleased to start this meaningful partnership with Proof & Company. Based on Marriott Bonvoy’s extensive F&B portfolio, the partnership underscores our commitment to continuously refining each detail of our offerings. It also enables us to introduce more ways to reduce our carbon footprint, which is a testimony of our long-standing ambition to practice sustainability in every aspect.”

Kickstarting the partnership, Proof and Company CEO Paul Broadbent delivered a key speech at the 2023 Marriott International Greater China Food and Beverage Conference in Sanya on Hainan Island in mid-April. As well as supplying the range for the hotel group’s new spirits programme, Proof & Company will also provide consultancy on drinks concepts and experiences, spirits education and training via Proof Creative, their award-winning team of drinks evangelists.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with this iconic hotel chain across different cities in China,” said Paul Broadbent, CEO of Proof & Company, “not only because it allows us to harness our extensive logistics and supply network to support their spirits offering, but also because it engages our award-winning ‘Proof Creative’ team with their hotels to elevate the beverage experience. We can’t wait to get started and are particularly excited to be embedding the ecoSPIRITS technology into such a large platform, helping to reduce waste and carbon emissions, something we are all striving to achieve in today’s world.”

The new partnership marks a major strategic expansion in Proof and Company’s hospitality spirits distribution in the Greater China market and officially began at the start of this month.


Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) is based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and encompasses a portfolio of more than 8,500 properties under 31 leading brands spanning 138 countries and territories. Marriott operates and franchises hotels and licenses vacation ownership resorts all around the world. The company offers Marriott Bonvoy®, its highly awarded travel program.

For more information, please visit Marriott.