ASIA PACIFIC, 21 MARCH – To mark World Vermouth Day (21 March), we embark on an explorative journey with some of APAC’s most accomplished bartenders and their favoured brand Mancino Vermouth; celebrated for its unparalleled quality and distinct flavour profile, this exceptional fortified wine, crafted with an artisanal blend of select botanicals, strikes a flawless balance between sweetness, bitterness, and aromatic richness.

These expert mixologists are not merely using Mancino Vermouth; they are reinventing it, infusing traditional cocktails with innovative twists that captivate and intrigue. Join us as we traverse the Asia-Pacific bar landscape, discovering the inventive ways in which Mancino Vermouth is being celebrated and transformed.

According to Sam, Head Bartender at Never Never Distillery Door, Mancino Vermouth’s adaptability is unparalleled, offering limitless possibilities for concocting bar beverages, especially in their martinis. Andrea Marseglia, Co-Owner and Bartender at Bar Teresa, agrees that Mancino Vermouth is a universally adaptable beverage suitable for almost any cocktail. Marseglia’s team takes pride in crafting a refreshing sour cocktail with Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato that captures the essence of summer with its lower alcohol volume and dynamic taste profile.

Meanwhile, Simone Rossi, Director of Bars at Rosewood Hong Kong, cherishes the endless possibilities that this extraordinary spirit presents. Each bottle in the Mancino Vermouth’s range can be savoured alone, with a splash of soda, or used as a key ingredient in traditional cocktails, adding a sophisticated touch. Rossi’s personal favourite? “The Chinato with heavy rich Barbera d’asti which making it very juicy.”, he chuckles.

Never Never Distilling Co.'s Oh Beehave

Bar Teresa's Wood Sorrel Sour

DarkSide's Martini VS Vesper

The allure of Mancino Vermouth’s delicate and multifaceted layered taste profile has also captivated mixologists. The range’s masterful manipulation of its unique qualities has resulted in cocktails that transcend the boundaries of mere enjoyment. One such admirer of Mancino Vermouth is Claudio Bedini, a seasoned enthusiast at Sammy Junior. He champions its aromatic complexity and extols its adaptability in accentuating both citrus-forward aperitivos like Negroni and Mandaricano, as well as in softer, dark spirit-infused drinks such as a Manhattan or a Vieux Carre.

At the prestigious Manhattan Bar in Singapore, Head Bartender Zana Möhlmann, capitalizes on the unique taste of Mancino Vermouth in their famed Barrel Aged Manhattan, matured in fresh American oak barrels for two months. The essential ingredient of this classic cocktail, Mancino Vermouth Rosso, imparts a profound character and sophistication that elevates each sip to exquisite standards.

Sammy Junior's Mandaricano

Manhattan Bar's The Manhattan

Mancino Vermouth has gained widespread acclaim for its authentic Italian character and has become a beloved symbol of Italian culture. At Bar Conte, Mancino Vermouth is not just admired but celebrated as a journey of Italian sophistication. Bartender Enzo Tana, is particularly charmed by Mancino’s prized Premium Negroni Rinomato, a beloved staple for guests. Proprietor Raffaele Lombardi underscores the diverse appeal and lasting allure of Mancino Vermouth, which is evident in the exquisite cocktails crafted with this revered spirit. “I love it all year round,” he enthuses.

Embracing a traditional perspective on vermouth, Bartender George at Before + After stays faithful to classic vermouth cocktails like the Little Italy, while also incorporating his own unique flair. In his own words, George believes that beeswax and vermouth come together in perfect harmony to create a velvety combination that embodies the essence of Italian sophistication.

Bar Conte's P&B

Before + After's When in Rome

In the ever-evolving and diverse Asia-Pacific region, Mancino Vermouth shines bright as a prominent contributor to the fascinating amalgamation of cultures. By blending classic vermouth flavours with contemporary twists, they have sparked a cocktail revolution. Traditional flavours are expertly paired with modern charm, igniting a captivating cocktail renaissance.

At Bar Long Fong, the potency of Mancino Vermouth is exemplified through its robust and complex herbal notes. This is especially evident in their Ashy Lemon #2 cocktail, which showcases the vermouth’s perfect pairing with bold Chinese herbal undertones and the strong aroma of burnt lemon. In ChengDu’s Chinese Room, Mancino Vermouth is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and its ability to add depth to the “Don’t Stop Drinking” cocktail. This expert blend of traditional Chinese culture with Chinoiserie art creates a seamless experience that perfectly embodies the essence of Mancino Vermouth.

Giancarlo Mancino

As we observe World Vermouth Day, it’s clear that every cocktail created with this versatile spirit is a testament to the commitment to excellence and appreciation of diversity. Bartenders, with their alchemical skills, have shown that each sip can be a journey into the heart of what makes Mancino Vermouth an essential ally in the art of cocktail creation.

“I am continually inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of bartenders around the world who embrace Mancino Vermouth in their craft. Witnessing our vermouth being used in innovative ways across the globe reaffirms my belief that bartenders are the true visionaries of the cocktail world, constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new frontiers. It is an honour to be part of their journey and to see Mancino Vermouth elevate cocktails to new heights of flavour and sophistication.”

The celebration goes beyond just acknowledging the place of Mancino Vermouth in the mixology world but is a tribute to the innovation and pursuit of crafting intriguing, delightful, and inspiring drinks.


Mancino Vermouth was born in 2011 in a small family-run distillery in Asti, Piedmont. The distillery, established over 60 years ago in 1957, inspired Giancarlo Mancino, owner of the brand, to compose his own vermouth using only the finest hand-picked spices and botanicals. From the moment you pick up the bottle, its classic look and feel, together with the bittersweet concoctions awaiting inside, impress upon you the timeless character that makes Mancino Vermouth an integral part of the world’s finest cocktail bars.

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