SINGAPORE 3 August 2020 – The modern era of craft distilling has well and truly arrived in India, home to one of the world’s largest spirits markets. This month marks the launch of an extraordinary new offering: TERAI India Dry Gin from the India Craft Spirit Co. in Behror, Rajasthan. 

Inspired by the Indian region of ‘Terai,’ which is a strip of fertile marshland running along the foothills of the Himalayas, TERAI is carefully crafted to pay homage to these notions of being lush, bountiful and fresh. The Swarups, the family behind the India Craft Spirit Co., have a history of agriculture in the region dating back to the 1700s and opened one of the first distilleries in India in 1958. TERAI India Dry Gin is their first contribution to India’s new era of distilling.

The verdant Himalayan foothills in India

Best known for its signature bar projects, the Proof Creative team worked closely with Shekhar Swarup, the founder, over two years in the development of the gin itself, the visitor experience at the distillery, and the storytelling and launch plans. The assignment? Develop an emblematic gin that sets a new benchmark for India craft spirits and one that can hold its own in the Second Golden Age of fine drinking.

“Our commitment over the last two years has been driven by a devotion to our land, our experience in agriculture and distillation, a spirit of craft and the love of a good drink! We are immensely proud of how this journey has shaped TERAI India Dry Gin and are delighted at its launch,” says Shekhar.

TERAI India Dry Gin is a modern interpretation of a traditional London Dry gin, the result of countless recipe trials drawing on India’s rich botanical and spice offering and testing in some of Asia’s best bars. The final recipe showcases 11 botanicals – juniper berries, tulsi (or holy basil), coriander, fennel, lemon peel, orange peel, lavender, rose, almond, angelica and orris root. Many are sourced from Asia’s largest spice market Khari Baoli in New Delhi.

TERAI’s commitment to craftsmanship exemplifies the best qualities of modern independent spirits. The gin is produced in a purpose-built distillery, using traditional one-shot distillation in the country’s first copper pot still from Carl GmbH. The neutral spirit at the heart of TERAI is produced from rice at a neighbouring distillery owned by the Swarup family. The glass bottle draws inspiration from pillars in ancient Indian architecture, and each stopper is handmade in the traditional style of India’s Channapatna craft. On the label an intricate representation of the botanicals has been illustrated in the design of vintage Indian coins.

“This is a world class gin,” notes Jason Williams, Proof Creative Director and Master of Gin at ATLAS Singapore, “Shekhar and the Swarup family should be rightly proud of their new addition to the global spirits landscape. With the launch of TERAI, and other quality India craft gins, the world of gin has come full circle to its historical roots in India. We could not be more delighted to have played a role in TERAI’s development.”

The TERAI botanical mix gives the gin a bold, dry spice profile, while the tulsi, a signature botanical, and the more floral elements add freshness and vibrancy. As a modern London Dry Gin, TERAI India Dry Gin works beautifully in a classic G&T with fresh lemon and mint or in a classic Southside cocktail.

TERAI India Dry Gin is available in New Delhi starting this month and will soon be available across India. A launch in overseas markets are planned for later in the year.

About India Craft Spirit Co.
India Craft Spirit Co. is an initiative undertaken by Globus Spirits Ltd. one of India’s leading grain distillers. Within this initiative, Shekhar Swarup, Founder, aspires to create contemporary spirits inspired by Indian produce and culture. Shekhar is a 4th generation distiller and part of the Swarup family which has been involved in agriculture in India since the 1700s. The family has been part of the burgeoning spirits industry of India with the family’s first distillery that was established in 1958. India Craft Spirit Co. has established its own small-batch craft distillery in Rajasthan and TERAI India Dry Gin is its first offering.