ASIA PACIFIC, 8 MARCH 2022 – “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish,” said Michelle Obama. Bartenders, bar managers, beverage directors, creators, distillers and ambassadors – whether it be by remembering how women are some of the most influential and powerful individuals we know, or just how they inspire us with their passion, creativity and unbridled dedication to their craft in the drinks and hospitality industry, we are honoured to have them in our lives and taking the time to really celebrate them.

To mark International Women’s Day, we sat down with four Proof’s women as they shared their love for the industry and even, tips for future generations.

Elaine Hardiman

Favourite Cocktail: Negroni – thanks to 28 HongKong Street

Favourite Past times: Bike-riding with her toddler in tow and hosting friends for dinner.

Best Proof Moment: To see her finance team come through it together and be stronger after the toughest two years in any of our personal and professional lives.

Born in Kuala Lumpur but moved to Melbourne at a young age, Elaine Hardiman considers herself a proud Aussie with an international background. Even with extensive experience in the fashion and retail industry, she had a smooth transition into the F&B industry when she joined Proof. “Of course, it also helps that I had studied many of our products closely over the years as I visited cocktails bars from New York to Shoreditch to Lan Kwai Fong,” she quipped.

“As quoted from one of the most inspirational female leaders, “Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about.” Proof has been and always will continue to be a great place to build a career. The business I joined 4 years ago compared to the business today is so different and yet has retained the same ingredient that made me want to join in the first place, a thirst to be the best in the industry!”

Jordan Ashleigh

Favourite Cocktail: Vieux Carre

Favourite Past times: Keeping fit through bouldering, hiking, yoga and kickboxing. She’s also a Reformer Pilates instructor on the side.

Best Proof Moment: As a fellow lover of travelling, she loved visiting our brand partners’ distilleries and exploring their local cities.

From humble beginnings in Far North Queensland (the rum state), Jordan Ashleigh found her love of bartending and the hospitality industry when she moved to the United Kingdom in 2015. From masterclasses, local competitions, and bartending across the country, our bubbly and energetic member immersed herself in the cocktail country before joining Proof in 2018.

A huge believer in trying everything to find what you are good at (and not good at), our Brand Manager for Proof’s Australia & New Zealand shares her favourite quote from Paulo Coelho, “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

Trisha Chan

Favourite Cocktail: French 75

Favourite Past times: Tennis, exploring new cities during her travels, and experimenting with recipes, especially desserts and cocktails.

Best Proof Moment: Stepping into the office on my first day and being welcomed to the warm and passionate members of Proof & Company.

Having worked in technology and healthcare companies in the Silicon Valley, joining the Hospitality and Spirits Industry was the last place Trisha Chan thought she would ever be. “My time at Proof has been an amazing journey so far because I realized that my legal skills are easily transferrable from industry to industry and even align with my personal interests which makes it even more fun!”

When asked what advice would she offer to her younger self and future generations, “I know it sounds cliché, but don’t give up on your dreams or goals. Always be curious – you never know where life will take you or what opportunities are around the corner!”

Eve Guo

Favourite Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Favourite Past times: Levelling up in her yoga practices, swimming, and discovering cultures when travelling

Best Proof Moment: Being able to learn and grow everyday in this thriving and vibrant culture.

From Chang Chun, Jilin Province in China, Eve Guo envisioned a career where everyone is able to develop professionally and personally, an industry that is all about diversity and opportunity. And she found this in the hospitality industry – from the Novotel in Bangkok, Club Med in Phuket, and Wynn Palace in Macau to her current role as Sales Manager in Proof & Company.

“A career in the hospitality industry is all about passion and learning. You would need to venture out of your comfort zone and transform every experience as a new opportunity to develop yourself better.”


SINGAPORE, 24 FEBRUARY 2022 – What started out in a cocktail competition became a popular day that is celebrated in the global bar industry. Toasting to the creativity and talents of those important people tending bars all across the globe, World Bartender Day pays tribute to individuals who have shaped the industry for future generations throughout history.

To show the love and appreciation for our advocates who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of spirits with people around the world, here are five incredible individuals who are making waves in their community. These bartenders run the gamut from industry-renowned professionals to the up-and-coming bar talents. From Singapore to Sydney, Shanghai, and Hong Kong to New Zealand, let’s take a look at what makes these bartenders and their signature serves exceptional.

Nicholas Edward Alexander, Head Bartender at Writers Bar, Singapore

With almost a decade of bartending experience at numerous prestigious bars and restaurants in New York City, Nicholas brings with him a wealth of knowledge and mastery to Writers Bar at Raffles Singapore.

His signature drink “Guilty Pleasure” is reminiscent of a 1950’s pitcher of Old Fashioned with muddled oranges and cherries but in an exceptional form.  The rye brings spice to balance the fruit while the bourbon reminds him of his favourite dessert, the banana bread.

Lorenzo Antinori, Beverage Manager at Argo, Hong Kong

Lorenzo Antinori, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts group bar guru has over 10 years of experience in the F&B scene across Europe and Asia and masterminded the rise of several globally renowned bars. As a believer in experiential cocktails, he strives to create story-driven drinks through innovative techniques.

The Single Origin Negroni was inspired by his visit to Malaysia, where he saw a cocoa pod and thought how cool it would be to age a Negroni inside. There’s much to admire about this drink at Argo with such inventive ingredients and winning flavours.

Andrea Marseglia, Beverage Director at Teresa Bar, New Zealand

Meet Andrea Marseglia from New Zealand who has over a decade of international bar experience. With a focus on seasonality and foraging, it’s no wonder that this Aperitivo & Cocktail bar is an oasis of sustainable practices.

Not only does he enjoy making all sorts of cocktails, but the co-founder of Neighbourhood Foraging also enjoys using ingredients sourced locally. Inspired by the fauna on the way to Bluff Hill, Andrea foraged New Zealand’s native ingredients and infused them into bourbon to create an earthy taste while enhancing those caramel and coconut notes of the Ferrand Cognac. The result? A uniquely delicious Bluff Hill Sazerac.

Eason Guo, Head Bartender at The White Moth, Beijing

Recently crowned champion of Diplomatico Rum’s Artisans of Taste competition in China, Eason Guo perfected his craft to create this sustainable and impeccable cocktail. Leveraging two types of Diplomatico Rum with sour plum soup and plum bitters, Guo was able to obtain a more robust and well-rounded flavor in his signature Diplomático serve, Hao Ye.

The rich aroma of Diplomático Rum takes the Head Bartender of The White Moth back to the classic Beijing specialty – sour plum soup. Pushing the boundaries further by using up all parts of the coconut, we are presented with a memorable drink.

Hélène Bord, Bartender at Apollonia Bar, Sydney

Hélène Bord is a 1/3 oz Spanish, 1/3 oz French, 1/3 oz American who’s still figuring out ounces while in OZ. Little did she know when she made the move from Spain to Sydney for her studies that she would develop a love for hospitality. This young bartender’s current passion project is making cocktails that tantalise all senses and creating unforgettable experiences for her guests.

With Dirty Gimlets (her signature drink), she can make sure anyone visiting Sydney gets the perfect summer cocktail experience they deserve – not to mention one that embodies her passion for hospitality. Nothing shouts of a Mediterranean summer more than a refreshing citrus-forward cocktail with marinated olives.

Let us celebrate the unsung heroes that are tending bars all over the world. Given many recent challenges within the hospitality and bar industry, it is heartwarming to see the resilience and determination of this global community. These are passionate people who help each other, who are kind when it matters, and who rally together during tough times while delivering the highest quality of cocktails and experiences for their guests.

Show your love for the bartenders you know and love on World Bartender Day by giving them a special shout-out or even turning the tables around by buying them a drink.


SINGAPORE, 25 JANUARY 2022 – Shanghai-based Peddlers Gin Company is celebrating Chinese New Year in 2022 – the Year of the Tiger –  with a series of events and partnerships in Singapore.

The cornerstone event will be a two-week partnership with Projector X, an indie film theater that will feature Chinese New Year related screenings and Peddlers Gin cocktails paired with Chinese delicacies from 26 January to 6 February. To ring in the festivities with delicious dumplings, film-goers and the public alike are welcome to enjoy some G&Ts and special Shanghai Dumplings from 29-30 January only. 

At the same time, six bars from Singapore’s exciting cocktail scene will each feature 3 Peddlers Gin specials for 2 weeks in Peddler’s Tiger Bar Crawl. There will be special menus at partner venues Sago House, Stay Gold Flamingo, Barbary Coast, 28 HongKong Street, Druggists, and Set of Six. At these top bars, guests can explore drinks inspired by ingredients and botanicals from around the different regions of China.

Some of the highlights include:

28 HongKong Street’s "Vice & Valor"

Barbary Coast's "Count Cassia"

Sago House's "Peddler's Street Side Special"

As part of its global Chinese New Year campaign, Peddlers will be releasing exclusive interviews with people across the generations in China who were born in a Year of the Tiger. From an 86 year old hunter-turned conservationist to a 24-year-old surfer, a rice farmer, a hip hop star, and everything in between. Each story paints a picture of Chinese culture, celebrating the human spirit in a country undergoing unprecedented change.

Peddlers special limited edition gift box with a custom Spirit of the Tiger cocktail mug, available online and at events.

“The Lunar New Year is about celebrating what’s new, honouring what came before, and feasting with family and friends. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger – an animal that represents bravery in Chinese culture.

Along with some exciting events, delicious food, and cocktails, we’ll be releasing exclusive content that captures the spirit of the tiger and sheds a human light on China and its rich cultural diversity. We can’t wait to share these stories – and some cocktails – with the world”, said Joseph Judd, Marketing Director of Peddler’s Gin

Peddlers use the London Dry method, which means no additives or artificial flavours are added after distillation. Their use of a traditional copper pot ensures a crisp, clean taste. Peddlers Gin is double distilled, with a vapour infusion of the delicate Chinese botanicals including Sichuan pepper from the mountains of Hanyuan, near Chengdu.

The expansion of Peddlers Gin Co around the world follows a surge in demand as an adventurous new generation seeks unique gins which push the boundaries of flavour and craft. With notes of Sichuan pepper, Buddha’s hand & Chinese mint, the award-winning flavour profile of Peddlers Rare Shanghai Gin is delicious in a cocktail or mingling with mixers. Along with being critically acclaimed, earning medals at the San Fran World Spirits Awards and CWSA, Peddlers Gin stands out for its distinctive and award-winning bottle design.

Now being served at bars around Singapore, Peddlers Gin is helping to pioneer the craft spirit industry in Asia.


Peddlers is a Shanghai gin company started in 2017 with a vision of challenging perceptions of what it means to be ‘Made in China’. Using uniquely Chinese ingredients like Sichuan Pepper and Buddha’s Hand, Peddlers Gin tells a story of diverse regions of China. With exports of their premium gin to over ten countries throughout the Asia Pacific, and triple-digit sales growth, Peddlers is proudly representing Shanghai to the world.

For more information, please visit Peddlers Gin Company.